Protect Payson's Natural Beauty With Proper Zoning



There is now a move on to establish a Planned Area Development (P.A.D.) district for the whole town. A description of this proposal, about 11 pages, of a sugar-coated version of average zoning for developers' benefit is available at town hall. This allows for an override of almost any zoning already in place and high-density building could take place in an area it never should, with the town's blessing.

If we want to maintain a mountain community, this must be stopped. Get a copy of this PAD proposal. Read it carefully and recognize the methodologies being used.

I know of a subdivision in town that originally had nine parcels. They made it a PAD and changed it to 12 parcels. Of these, five do not comply with area zoning.

A PAD is part of the Unified Development Code right now and when properly used, is a building tool. It doesn't need changing to provide benefits for big developers.

Our present zoning code should be used to protect our natural beauty.

Jack Jasper, Payson

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