What Does Payson Get From Buying The Payson Water Company?



What did Payson get with the Tower Well? The deed makes no mention of any water. Why? Because the individual who sold the Tower Well didn't own any water.

Why hasn't Star Valley already sued Payson for "stealing" their water? There is no record that Star Valley owns any water; therefore there is no water to be stolen.

If Star Valley successfully condemns and takes over the Payson Water Company, will Star Valley then own any water? No. Why not? Because Brooke Utilities doesn't own any water. Star Valley can't possibly take from Brooke something Brooke never had.

Those being the facts, just exactly how could the Town of Payson obtain any "rights to Star Valley water" by buying the Payson Water Company from Brooke Utilities?

In my opinion, the action taken by the Payson Town Council to investigate the purchase of the Payson Water Co. from Brooke Utilities is the first truly statesmanlike action taken in the years I've lived here. In one fell swoop, it puts everyone on the same side of a locally divisive issue.

If that is the case, what's the problem?

Some Star Valley residents are worried about their current and future water supply.

What's the answer?

Set up a situation where all parties have the same objective. Why not simply jump over all the microscale-technobabble and skip directly to the big picture.

If Payson acquires the Payson Water Co., what would they get? They would gain no new water rights. They would get a water delivery system, which carries with it the responsibility to make good on Mayor Edwards' pledge to "do no harm."

An early step would be to tie the two other water systems together; their pipes already run within a few feet of each other. That would instantly solve local issues, such as firewater availability and potential neighborhood septic contamination and would move toward managing water on a regional basis. The concept of "stealing our water" and "sucking us dry" become meaningless.

The problem is not water.

Lynn Godfrey, Payson

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