Take A Hike


By this time in the summer, you should be at the peak of hiking shape.

In Arizona, hiking season lasts year-round, but even if you spent your winter in the north, you've had months to walk some endurance into those legs.

It's time for Mount Humphreys.

Located near Flagstaff, Mount Humphreys is the highest point in Arizona -- 12,633 feet -- with an elevation gain of more then 3,000 feet.

So, you're lucky to be in such good shape, because this is a strenuous hike.

Round trip, it measures 8 miles. Bring plenty of water.

The trail starts in a meadow and then slowly begins an ascent up a series of switchbacks.

The higher you go, the steeper the ascent.

But all the huffing and puffing is worth it. At the summit is the best view in Arizona.

Views circle you on all sides, stretching across hundreds of miles.

This is the perfect hike for this time of year, when the rest of the state is heating up.

To get there, drive north 7 miles on Highway 180 from Flagstaff to Snow Bowl Road.

The trail begins at the north end of the Arizona Snowbowl Ski Area parking lot, below the lodge.

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