Audience Loved Production Of ‘The Loathsome Lady'



The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints staged its production of "The Loathsome Lady" this past weekend. It was a full audience throughout the weekend.

This was their sixth annual production and it was an Arthurian Tale retold by Jim and Jane Jeffries. The audience loved it and clapped and yelled after all the performances.


"The Loathsome Lady" played to a packed house last weekend.

They had a great cast of characters which included The Jester, who was played by Lorna Aschbrenner. She was the narrator who was to deliver the bad jokes and act like she was funny. And, guess what? She was. Not only was she funny, but also she was extremely talented with her accent and all her gestures.

The Black Knight was played by Gary Martin. He was a mysterious, intimidating fellow with a bad disposition and a wonderful makeup job.

Karl Mann played King Arthur and I think he missed his calling. He should be on stage every day, for he has a wonderful speaking voice and did a really good job with his part. There were a lot of great comments from the audience on his character and voice and, believe it or not, this was his first time on stage.

Marsha Ward played Lady Guinevere. She was the regal queen of the court and this was a perfect part for Marsha. She did a wonderful job with the character.

Cindy Mann played Lady Lynette. She was a lady of the court, interested in courtliness and Lady Lenore, played by Margot Fish, was interested in honor.

Alice Andreas remarkably played the Hag of Woods. This was a very ugly, but colorful, character and very wise, but in the end, she turned into a beautiful princess.

Sir Gawain was a noble knight of the court and sincere to the core. The part was played by Lynn Godfrey. I watched the Tale and did not know it was Lynn. Even afterward, I shook his hand and told him he did a great job, but the wig and costume really made him look different. It wasn't until later, when I read the program and saw the names, that I realized who played what character. I would say that's some pretty good costume design. Lynn has been involved every year in the melodramas, but has always been behind the scenes. This year was his first time on stage.

Rod Aschbrenner, who officiated the wedding and was definitely no fan of ugliness, played the Friar. His expressions were really funny.

This year's producer was the one-and-only Karl Mann.

The director was the talented Pamela Stevens. She always does a terrific job in whatever she attempts.

The consultant was Annette Godfrey. What a sweetheart.

And a very big applause goes to Viki Grootegoed, who did the costume design and was the production's seamstress. She makes the production work with her brilliance in her field of expertise.

Scenery goes to Karl and Cindy Mann. I am still trying to figure out how they made those rocks look like rocks.

Props were made by Alice Andreas and Gail Mortensen. Lights were Lynn and Annette Godfrey. The prompter was Viki Grootegoed. Ticket distribution was Annette Godfrey, Janet Snyder and Cindy Mann. The ticket taker was Art Morrison. Advertising/publicity went out to Annette Godfrey and Janet Snyder. Maurine Kirchhoefer and Charlie Martin exquisitely did makeup and hair. Photographs were taken by Gail Mortensen. Programs were created by Karl Mann.

Stage construction was done by Rod Aschbrenner, who did a great job. Nothing fell down or apart. Every time Lorna stepped on that platform, I held my breath. And this year's Master of Ceremonies was Dick Jones.

Thanks to everyone for doing a great job and bringing a lot of laughter to the community of Christopher Creek. The staff would like to thank the audiences for their graciousness and by putting the final pleasure on their season of preparation.

Word from the audience is that they can't wait to see what they will do next year. Everyone deserves a very big applause, for it was a Tale told with delight.

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