Charter School Issues Invitation To Open House


The Shelby Charter School will host an open house Sunday, July 15, to give area residents an opportunity to become acquainted with the school.

According to Elizabeth Silver, enrollment at Shelby is down this year. Silver said, "Right now we only have about 45 to 50 students enrolled.

"Usually we have at least 80 or so. We're hoping we can introduce parents to the school, and get the word out with this open house and see higher enrollments."

The Shelby School offers grades K - 10 and is open to the public with no tuition fees charged for enrollment.

"We have completely free enrollment at the school, it costs nothing to enroll a child for classes." Silver said.

Silver said because of the low teacher-to-student ratio at Shelby (approximately 1 - 10 according to Silver) students receive a much more personal learning experience.

Silver also said the charter school offers bus service to most areas.

The open house is scheduled for July 15 in the Blake cabin across from the LDS Church.

Take the Control Road turnoff on Highway 260 East and drive approximately one mile to Standage Drive in Tonto Village and make a sharp right.

Silver said the school is on the left side of Standage Drive next to a "long white fence" and has been repainted from a grey to a reddish brown.

"It can't be missed, it is the biggest building on the street." Silver said.

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