Former Milkman To Wed Winery Namesake


Mlle. Denise Mary Lee Chauvin of Star Valley and Mr. David Kenneth Prechtel of Pine have announced their engagement.

Denise is a former Monterrey, Calif. schoolteacher, published author and represented the City of Pacific Grove in its 2002 Good Old Days Celebration.

She cites the inspirational turning point in her life, when as a young child, Mlle. Fran of Romper Room looked into the "Magic Mirror" and read her name aloud on Canadian television.

Mr. Prechtel served on the USS Enterprise (the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, not the starship), delivered milk, was a firefighter graduating from the Cleveland Fire Academy and owned the Pepperidge Farm franchise in Phoenix/Scottsdale. He currently runs Pine Station Antiques in Pine.

David states that he, too, has had many inspirational points in his life -- each time his father invoked the "spare the rod and spoil the child" rule.

Both have children from a previous marriage. Denise has a daughter, Bretagne, an art student studying in San Francisco. David has three children. Laura Anne is completing her master's degree and teaching in Phoenix; David, a corporate VP in Scottsdale; and Ken, an electrical engineer in Phoenix.

Mlle. Chauvin's parents, Lorenzo (Larry) and Ella Louise, had emigrated from Windsor to Mesa in 1967 in a covered station wagon. Larry retired as chief inspector for Walsh Brothers. Ella retired from her position as hospitality director of L.J.'s Pizza. She has yet to retire as a homemaker and Mum to her six children and five grandchildren.

Citing the long lines at the INS, Denise (a Canadian citizen) plans to keep her maiden name, though she looks forward to being called Mrs. Prechtel. A summer wedding is planned and the couple will make their home in Pine.

Postscript: It pays to attend the Payson Library fund-raisers, eh? That is where the couple met.

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