Initial Aims Results Show General Improvement


AIMS (Arizona Instrument for Measuring Standards) results for Spring 2007 indicate that all Arizona students either approach or meet minimum standards in the subjects of reading, writing and math.

Official scores, according to the Arizona Department of Education, show that statewide, no students in Arizona schools fall far below minimum standards.

However, on average, slightly more than 36 percent of students statewide only approach minimum standards in all subjects, and 48 percent of high school students in Arizona only approach minimum standards in math, and 35 percent fall in the same category for reading.

According to a spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Education, score results for individual schools, including Payson High School, will not be released to the public until July 18.

In order to graduate from high school, students must meet minimum standards, not just approach them.

AIMS scores for seniors at Payson High School in 2006 indicated that some seniors at the school faced uncertainty about graduating.

According to a story in the April 7, 2006 issue of the Roundup, 30 Payson High School seniors had to take the AIMS test as many as five times, before passing.

Also, in 2006-2007, some core classes were allowed to be used as limited credit toward AIMS scores at Payson High School.

This year (2007-2008), the additional credit for those classes will not be allowed.

Not allowing seniors to use core classes for supplemental credit toward AIMS requirements means graduates in spring 2008 will have to meet all minimum AIMS requirements with the raw scores from the test, if they hope to graduate.

Graduating seniors of Arizona high schools are allowed five separate attempts to pass the AIMS test.

If they do not pass, they cannot re-take the test until the next academic year.

At this time, overall state results have been released to the public, but individual school scores have only been released to the schools for review and possible action.

According to the state, individual schools are given a 30-day period to contest any test results, therefore, specific school AIMS test results will not be released until July 18 to accommodate any disputes over AIMS scores.

The Roundup tried to contact Payson High School to get results of their spring 2007 AIMS test scores for seniors, however Principal Roy Sandoval was out of town and unavailable for comment at this time.

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