New Alpine Heights Ccrs Clarify Language Of Earlier Covenants



I encourage all property owners in Alpine Heights to read the proposed new CCRs carefully and compare them to the existing CCRs. I think what they will find is that the new CCRs not only clarify much of the vague language and ambiguities of the existing CCRs, but provide the property owner, in clear language, a document that is in alignment with existing law and current building codes.

Under the current CCRs, the Board of Directors have only a lien process to fall back on in the event of a breach of any covenant, condition or restriction by a property owner. Under the proposed new CCRs, the Board has an opportunity to work with the property owner in several steps before getting to the unfortunate act of having to lien their property.

The new CCRs give the property owner and their elected Board a vehicle to better interact with each other.

Alpine Heights is a wonderful neighborhood to live in and I believe these new CCRs are more in alignment with a vibrant and forward-looking community.

Alan Lyons, Payson

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