Pine Needs To Get Realistic About Water Problem



I just drove past our water stage sign and we are in stage 5. We had been in stage 4 for over a week. But you can bet we will have a huge influx of people to during this Fourth of July weekend.

It is time for common sense to prevail. We are stage 5 and fire danger is extreme. To top it off, every residence has to pay hauling fees for water. Some businesses benefit, of course, but at what costs to all? If I remember correctly, the paper mentioned 6,000 people at the Strawberry Festival. The week before at the craft fair, I'm sure there were many more than that.

I know some of the crafters and I understand they want to sell things, but what I have noticed is that most of these crafters are not local.

The Guild has done a good job of providing portable potties at these events, but let's face it. If you had a choice of using one or going next door or across the street and use the cafe's bathroom, you'd probably not choose the porta-potty.

It's really time for people to step up and get realistic. It's not just the money for hauling that's a part of it, but we can't drink, flush or wash with their profits. It takes water.

Joan Williams, Pine

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