Profile Article Didn't Cover Man's Biggest Accomplishments



I realize Royce O'Donnell's whole life story is an adventure. So, trying to put it into print is a daunting task. However, I have some issues I feel need to be clarified.

The reason for the recent Payson People article about him was supposed to be his newly published books. That is barely mentioned in the next-to-last paragraph. When the reporter called to make the appointment, I told her he was out on the set.

I realize the "movie biz" is more glamorous than being a published author, but it is certainly not more important. His books, "Two for Trouble, the Adventures of Orville and Joanie" and "Clones of Satan's Chamber" both have been published in the past year. Two books in one year is a great accomplishment.

Royce did not take "mostly small parts" in Hollywood. He had several starring and co-starring roles in Hollywood. He has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) for more than 25 years. You must have been a principal in a movie or television program, with a speaking role, to qualify.

Royce has starred and co-starred in many Arizona productions, as well. He was a principal character on the "Wallace and Ladmo Show" for many years. Royce has an extensive resume with resume tapes to prove it.

In "Jake's Corner," he was asked to be a stand-in for the star. They wanted a seasoned SAG actor. The writer was given a complete resume package with all his information, as well as press releases concerning his books.

Royce never said, "I guess I had too much cowboy in me to make it in the big city." Those words were never said. Royce did extremely well in Hollywood during the time he was there. He made several movies and commercials. He chose to come back to Arizona to finish raising his children. He has gone back and forth and continued his film career.

Royce has been contacted since "Jake's Corner" by a new agent who has several high-profile clients. The agent asked to represent him. Several new film projects are in the future. His current agent's contract has expired.

Royce has succeeded in life. He will always tell you that God has allowed him to do all he has ever dreamed of. He has succeeded far more than most of us who are afraid to step out of the box and follow our dreams.

Thank you for "attempting" to write about all Royce's accomplishments. The hair on the back of my neck stands out when I see a quote that is so out of character, no one would believe he ever said it.

Except for a few obvious errors, thanks for the effort.

Maybe next time someone will write about his wonderful books.

Debra O'Donnell, Payson

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