Think It's Hot? It's 140 Degrees In Iraq



A few clouds are rolling in, very few, but it is a good sign. Hopefully, soon, we will get some relief from this heat.

But when I start to complain, I hear on the news that, in Iraq, it is 140 degrees during the day. Unimaginable.

The communities of Pine and Strawberry are invited to a Fourth of July celebration at the Church on Randall Place, 6338 W. Randall Place, from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday.

There will be food, music, fun and games for all ages, a bounce house and more. There is no charge for this annual block party. Don't miss this great opportunity to have fun, visit with friends and meet a whole lot of great people.

Summer reading program

The Summer Reading Program at the Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library begins next week for children 5 through 12 and runs for four weeks, beginning at 10 a.m.

The theme is "Get A Clue at Your Public Library."

On Tuesday, July 10, is the "Shiver Me Timbers: Get a Clue about Pirates" kick off. There will be pirate stories, songs, dances, lingo, a Treasure Island puppet show, activities, games, prizes and a treasure hunt. Aaaaargh.

The theme for July 17 is "Elementary, My Dear Watson: Get a clue about getting a clue." Gila County Sheriff's officer, Daryl Stubbs, along with his police dog, will show how human and canine detectives gather clues to solve a crime. Also, the children will take part in solving the mystery Crime Caper to determine if Maxie, the missing library gerbil, is guilty or innocent.

On July 24, watch the fun one-act play "The Queen of Mean Rules No Reading Allowed." How terrible. Get a clue about how reading came back to nowhere.

The final week, July 31, features a wrap-up barbecue and "Get A Clue about Hot Dogs." Higgins, the wonder dog, will be jumping through hoops in search of clues, but he will need help from newly trained detectives. Myrna Tipps from the Payson Humane Society will join the group. There will be hot dogs, games, activities, prizes and awards.

Local children, visiting grandchildren and friends are invited to attend any or all of these sessions. Please call the library ahead of time so they know how many children to expect. They want to have enough supplies for everyone. This is a great program. Sign the children up today. You can call the library at (928) 476-3678.

Movie Madness continues on Thursdays in July at 11 a.m. On July 12, Treasure Island will be shown. On July 19 is the movie "Happily Never After," and on Thursday, July 26, is "Savannah Smiles." Bring a pillow to be comfortable on the floor. Refreshments will be served.

Here's a little food for thought. I ran across these interesting statistics recently in a U.S. Forest Service publication. The heading was "Did You Know?" This is how long litter lasts in the desert: Cigarette butts -- 5 years, Aluminum cans -- 100 years, orange and banana peels -- 2 years and plastic bottles -- indefinitely. With all the plastic bottles and containers that are used today, this is rather frightening.

I will be traveling during most of July. If you have some information for this column, please let me know ahead of time. Because I will be on the road, I will not have constant access to the Internet, so please give me some lead time. But do keep me posted.

I offer free publicity of your event and yet activities happen in our communities that I know nothing about. If I do not know about them, I cannot mention them. People do read this column to find out what is happening in our communities.

As you know, water is in short supply. We all need to conserve. Even if you have your own well, the well is yours, but the water belongs to all of us. We all draw from the same reservoirs. Please be considerate. We are all in this together.

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