Want To Know How To Feel Really Important?



I've found the answer to self-assurance. If you want to be treated like you're special, if you want to be treated like you're so important, if you want every one in the room to jump straight in the air when you walk in, then be a foster parent for an animal from Payson Humane Society. Or adopt one.

I have (well, I won't say how many dogs live here) and eight foster kittens. No matter how long I'm gone, five hours or five minutes, when I walk in, I am greeted passionately and adoringly. They are so glad to see me, they do everything they can to let me know that "I matter" and I'm doing something important.

If you would like to feel this way, and are qualified, come see us over at Payson Humane Society, 812 S. McLane Road or give us a call at (928) 474-5590.

Lisa Boyle, Payson

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