Couple Gave Permission For Hospice Photo To Be Used



I am writing in response to the granddaughter's objection to the photos of Tom Bartlett in the Payson Roundup's article about hospice.

The article was done by Teresa McQuerrey with the permission of both Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett. They both discussed it and agreed that the article would help others who were in a similar situation.

Hospice is a wonderful, caring organization and they wanted others to know about it.

Mr. Bartlett saw his picture on the front page in the first article and approved of it. I was the "paid caregiver" mentioned in the article and I can tell you, for sure, that Mr. Bartlett's dignity was never compromised.

I would like once again to thank hospice for providing a loving and caring environment for a wonderful man.

Norma Gilchrist, Payson

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