History Is Repeating Itself



On the third of July, an announcement was made on (two local) radio stations that informed the public of a reading of our nation's Declaration of Independence being held at Green Valley Park in honor of the Fourth of July.

In this time of severe corruption in our federal government, as well as our state government, I was disappointed to see how few people showed up.

Everywhere I go in Payson, there are political discussions going on. We all have our complaints and worries. But how many of us really understand how corrupted and dangerous our government is for our nation?

It wasn't until I planted myself in a chair and listened to our Declaration of Independence, that I understood the saying, "History repeats itself." Unfortunately, most of us think of Hitler's regime or the Depression when we think about history repeating itself. However, we are now reliving a part of history that was the beginning of our nation. We are back to the original 13 colonies fighting a government regime that harms us daily.

The colonies fought the British and won. Do we have what it takes to fight the Bush regime and secure a positive outcome? Or, will we end up living a Hitler regime -- only this time it won't be about race. It will be about economics and none of us will win.

We're all losing now. How much longer do you wish to complain without really knowing what you're complaining about?

Cara Summerfield, Payson

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