Intersection Of Beeline, Highway 188 Also Dangerous



I was so happy to see in the June 26 edition of the Payson Roundup that ADOT is finally going to improve the intersection of the Beeline Highway and Saguaro Lake turn-off. It is long overdue.

However, there is another dangerous intersection that also needs attention. It is the intersection of the Beeline and Highway 188.

A few years ago, four young women died as a result of their driver not stopping at the second of the two stop signs there.

I drive that section of road five or six days a week and have seen several near-misses, where drivers come to a stop for the northbound traffic on the Beeline, but fail to stop when entering the southbound traffic flow.

A member of my family related an incident to me on June 16, wherein he was headed south and turning to go onto Highway 188, when a driver headed west to turn south, failed to stop, causing him to have to stop instead. As I was driving home the following day, the exact same thing happened to me.

In lieu of major road changes, perhaps better, bolder road signs could be implemented.

Barbara Nitso, Tonto Basin

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