Lenders Provide Personalized Service


Wholesale Lending LLC is a homegrown business that has operated in Payson since 2000.

Glen Whitlock, owner/broker, founded the company, which prides itself on providing the lowest cost loans for home purchases, refinancing, construction and land purchases. Managing the business is Mark Daniels, who has been in the field for three years and working with Wholesale Lending LLC since April. The team also includes Barbara Tulleys, who does most of the processing, and Ellen Whitlock.


Glen Whitlock, founder of Wholesale Lending LLC, left, and Mark Daniels, manager, along with team member Barbara Tulleys (not pictured), go the extra mile in helping clients get the best mortgage deal available.

"We do any kind of real estate-related loan," Daniels said. "We provide them at the lowest cost and pull off miracles -- apparently."

The company can help regular real estate loan qualifies get the lowest cost loans available, and help those less qualified get their financial situation in shape to be better applicants for assistance in purchasing or refinancing a home or land, and new construction.

Whitlock started Wholesale Lending LLC after working for other mortgage companies in the Payson area.

He said he felt that there was a need for a personalized, individualized approach to the mortgage process in the community, due to all the unique properties and clients in the area.

Besides offering all of the different types of financing one would expect from a quality mortgage broker, Wholesale Lending is one of the very few independent brokers that is approved by FHA. This is significant, because FHA approval is very difficult to obtain.

"Since opening Wholesale Lending, we have established relationships with the best institutions that offer us wider parameters for approvals with lower costs and better rates," Whitlock said. "Since timelines always play an important role in real estate transactions, we are very proud of our processing team, which processes our files in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of hassle to our borrowers. Simply put, they are the best around."

"We have the most amazing and knowledgeable processing team," Daniels said, "They will stick to it and get the job done in a way that most benefits our clients."

"Product knowledge and experience are key to making sure one can find the right program and educate the borrower, so they know they are making a good choice through their important real estate transaction," Whitlock said.

Daniels said the company is comfortable at its present size and location, though Whitlock is moving into the development field, helping improve neighborhoods.

"He has an amazing model he puts up," Daniels said of Whitlock, explaining the best materials are used and the model (modular) is set up to help it qualify for better financing.

"Our program selection is huge," he said. "We have access to multiple sources of financing. We're not working with just one lender. We have hundreds to pick from."

The company also has great relations with the lenders, so the process moves quickly, he said.

"We help our clients make the right decision for their mortgage needs with experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, local professionals," Daniels said.

Whitlock added, "We pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment to service and continual communication updates to our clients. From application to funding, we keep our clients fully informed of how their loan process is going, because we know how stressful real estate transactions can be."

Wholesale Lenders LLC is at 805A S. Beeline Highway, Payson. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or by appointment. Call (928) 474-8009, (928) 458-0780 or FAX (928) 474-7012.

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