Residents Complain Of 'Lack Of Service' From Police


Payson Police Chief Don Engler met with residents of the C-Bar-Diamond RV Park in Star Valley Monday night to hear complaints of criminal activity by park residents and what they saw as a lack of service from the Payson Police Department.

Sarah and Jerry Phipps, residents of the park have alleged that some residents in C-Bar-Diamond RV Park have been harassing them and their dogs, as well as other residents of the park. Phipps said that on different occasions, people who she believes to be "illegal aliens" have been drunk in public in the RV park and have made "rude and suggestive" remarks to residents.

Engler said public drunkenness is not a crime in Arizona.

"There are disorderly conduct laws we can enforce, but the threshold of enforcement is slim with those," he said. "Specific criteria must be met to constitute disorderly conduct or we simply cannot arrest the person."

As far as arresting people suspected of being illegal immigrants, Engler said he has very limited jurisdiction in that matter and that it is more a question for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Payson police.

Star Valley mayor, Chuck Heron, was also in attendance at Monday's meeting.

"Some of the concerns you have involve city ordinances and regulations not yet in place in Star Valley," Heron said.

Before the meeting ended, Mayor Heron said that on the last Tuesday of every month, Star Valley holds a town meeting open to the public to address any community concerns.

Engler ended by emphasizing that anyone who feels they have not been treated properly by Payson police should call him personally at (928) 474-5177.

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