Track Your Complaint Like You Track A Package


Residents of Payson interested in obtaining a business license form, being notified of upcoming meetings or submitting a complaint to a certain town department will experience added convenience through the newest capabilities of the Town of Payson Web site --

Beginning Monday, Payson's Web site includes a link to an "e-government" system, created by the town's IS Technician and webmaster, Tonia Erin.


Tonia Erin, the Town of Payson webmaster, has been working on new, user-friendly features for the town Web site --

Erin said she has been working on the new Web site for the past three weeks and it is about "halfway there." She estimates that within a month all of the features will be finished.

"It's still under construction," she said. Once completed, the new Web site will include five sections -- Action Line, Community Calendar, Online Documents, Subscriptions and Frequently Asked Questions -- that will provide access to a breadth of information.

Erin said, in the "Action Line" section, community members can submit complaints, concerns or requests to various town departments, such as requests for sidewalk repairs.

The complaints will be directed to the specific department involved and the person submitting the request or complaint will receive a tracking number, which they can use to check on the status of their submission.

Erin said the Web site is now more organized and user-friendly.

"It keeps the information more centralized," she said.

Another feature of the new Web site, Erin said, is the "Subscriptions" section. There, community members can opt to be notified of upcoming meetings for any department in town, from Planning and Zoning to the Payson Public Library.

Official town documents, such as business license forms or the Payson Goal Plan, may be downloaded via the "Online Documents" section of the Web site, Erin said. The "Community Calendar" section will include all town-related activities and events and the "Frequently Asked Questions" section will contain information pertinent to each department in town.

The Web site will be frequently updated with current information.

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