Check References Before Leaving Pet With Sitter



When faith in our fellow man (or woman) is not only shaken, but nearly destroyed, is it not human nature to want to come to the aid of those who suffered most, by striking a blow for them? Then my blow is thus.

Over the Fourth of July week, I employed a live-in dog sitter to care for my 11-year-old dog while I went back East.

The dog sitter assured me on several occasions she would be here most of the day and all night to be with my dog.

On my fourth day back East, I received a call from my apartment manager, informing me the sitter had left my dog alone for over a whole day and that my neighbors could hear my dog crying.

My apartment manager called the police to help do a welfare check and to get my dog out to potty and be fed.

Several other neighbors confirmed the lack of assistance to my dog by the dog sitter.

I was beside myself with worry and anger, but was also willing to explore the possibility that the sitter may have had a medical emergency. But, then realized anyone with the slightest hint of common sense would have sought temporary help from my neighbors and called me to explain the problem. But she did nothing but leave a poor, little dog alone, who only wanted to feel safe while I was away.

Luckily, a dear friend was able to come to my dog's rescue until I could return.

I have promised my dog that I would never leave her with a sitter again. But, I do believe there are good critter sitters out there. We all need to do reference checks before entrusting our furry loved ones to people we don't know or this could happen to you and your critters.

Diana Freshwater, Payson

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