If Zero Population People Get Their Way, We'll All Be Gone



The woman who thinks zero population (ZP) growth would be one solution to Pine/Strawberry water problems, according to a letter in the June 19 Roundup -- rather than drilling a new well -- might consider that as long ago as 500 B.C., Plato, Aristotle and Confucius were crying "overpopulation."

Of course, they lived in large, crowded cities, where, then, as now, the real problem was over-concentration, not overpopulation.

Today, with only 3 percent of the Earth's ice-free surface occupied by humans, even the godless U.N. and Council on Foreign Relations agree that aging and declining population are the problem.

The ZP people who are caught in a politically correct time warp have gone far beyond birth control, morning-after pills, abortion, euthanasia and infertile homosexual unions in their efforts to rid the Earth of the human plague which has brought us unparalleled advances in medicine, science, technology, agriculture and the arts.

While zero "Population Bomber" guru Paul Erlich has bombed on all his dire predictions -- no worldwide famine by 1970 and no new Ice Age in sight -- there is a new population guru on the horizon. Maybe Dr. Eric R. Pianka, 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist award-winner, evolutionary ecologist and lizard expert who spoke to more than 400 applauding scientists on the need to eliminate 90 percent of humanity.

How to do this? Dr. Pianka feels that AIDS is taking a good toll, but much too slowly. He prefers airborne Ebola virus, which is easily spread, lethal and kills in days, not years. (Go to www.pearceyreport.com, April 6, 2006 to verify.)

And Pine/Strawberry residents think they have problems now?! If the ZP people get their way, most of us will be ZIP.

Ann Barrett, Pine

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