Mayor Responds To Letter From Dick Wolfe



I read with interest Dick Wolfe's opening salvo in his rumored campaign for mayor titled, "This Council wasting citizens' time and energy," published as a letter in the Payson Roundup.

Wolfe says the Payson Council wasted $37,000 and precious time in our search for a police chief when we could have just appointed Don Engler without a search. First, a position of this importance deserves the best available person. Secondly, he missed on the math. We actually spent $3,635.

Then, Wolfe implied the Council is wrong for wanting to make sure we do the right thing in our filling the vacancy left by Carol McCauley's resignation.

You want the position filled to satisfy the desires of Community Director Jerry Owen, which would limit it to Main Street and GVRA.

He also wrote that we need to act quickly because we are in the midst of the tourism season, yet he misses the fact that tourism and economic development are not being addressed and will not be with Jerry Owen's approach.

This Council is very serious about capitalizing on tourism, which is exactly why are looking to convert the position to a Tourism -- Economic Vitality Manager, whose job it will be to address tourism and economic development. The council would be irresponsible not to review all budgeted items on an ongoing basis. It surprises me that, as a former councilor, he took such a myopic view.

Wolfe then attacked the Task Forces. Now, he really has my attention. We have over 130 people who have donated great energy and talents to the Town (the streets task force alone volunteered over 400 hours of free service, inventorying all the streets in town for use in our street master plan). To say they are not doing anything "useful or productive" is simply wrong.

Finally, Wolfe attacked me, stating that I want to dismantle the redevelopment and Main Street projects and implied the councilors are my puppets.

I suspect that if this were not an opening salvo in a mayoral race, Wolfe would really have to admit that I, in fact, have been a cheerleader for the advancement of Main Street and Green Valley.

But, being a strong supporter does not mean I will overlook needed changes and will not demand the biggest bang for each taxpayer dollar.

To imply these Councilors are my puppets -- has he been attending/watching the same council meetings I have?

Bob Edwards, Payson

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