Town Improves Online Government Services



E-Government is a generic term that refers to any government functions or processes that are carried out in digital form over the Internet.

The Town of Payson has been leading the charge when it comes to offering E-Government services. From video streaming and archives of all council meetings to paperless agenda packets, online forms, and sales of public surplus, E-Government continues to be a priority for the town staff.

Starting last Monday, there is now a new link on the Town of Payson's Web site,, which provides an easy way for residents and businesses to make suggestions, request information, and/or request action.

From now on, residents will also find answers to frequently asked questions, be able to subscribe to e-mail lists of interest and download Town-related documents. There will also be an added calendar feature that will keep citizens up to date on all public meeting times and local events. This calendar will be searchable by category or event. If you want to access this site directly, the URL is The program is hosted by E-Gov Link, a company in Cincinnati, which is currently being used by over 40 communities in 20 different states and supports more than 1 million residents and businesses.

The program is very user friendly.

While not required, it's recommended that a first-time visitor complete the online registration process.

To enter a suggestion, request information or request action, the submitter simply clicks on Action Line and selects the appropriate category from the list of Action Line Request types that appear. Once the information is entered and submitted, the Action Line Request is given a tracking number that appears on the screen for the submitter. Using this number, the submitter can check on the status of the Action Line Request at any time. The submitter receives a confirming e-mail (only if they select the send a confirmation e-mail option). The Action Line Request is then automatically routed to the appropriate department and staff member.

Our E-Gov site will be updated weekly with new information and ways to communicate with the town.

If you have any questions, contact Tonia Erin at or call (928) 474-5242 ext. 265.

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