Water, Water Everywhere ... Maybe



There has been extensive coverage in the local newspapers concerning water -- who owns it, who uses it, who pays for it and who maintains it.

The communities that surround Payson are going through the pains of trying to answer those very questions and Tonto Village is no exception.

The Tonto Village Water Company, owned by the Standage family for many years, has decided to sell the company.

Some of the residents decided to look into the possibility of purchasing the company from the family. There have been many meetings to set up some kind of viable way to buy the company. Some of them were not well attended, even though the meetings were advertised by mail, my column and posted notices throughout the Village.

The latest meeting was this past Saturday evening at the Tonto Village Chapel.

Harry Jones of the Rim Trail Water District and Deputy County Clerk John Nelson helped answer questions about the process of buying the water company. There were about 50 residents with concerns and questions. At the meeting, temporary assessments were agreed upon.

A tentative budget will be published in the Payson Roundup in a few weeks. An election will be held in November to establish a five-member board to conduct business for the company. After that, negotiations will begin with the Standage family.

There are two packets still available from Linda Stailey. If you would like to run for the Tonto Village Domestic Water Board, call Linda at (928) 478-4641.

Everyone who was at the last meeting was in agreement to buy the company.

If you have questions and were unable to attend any of the meetings, Gary Martin is another contact person. His number is (928) 478-4608.

A huge thank you

The Tonto Village Chapel has been a very busy and important meeting place for the residents of the Village.

Pastor Wilcox has graciously allowed community business to hold all kinds of get-togethers, which include the meetings for the Tonto Village Water Company, The Domino Divas, the Double D Art Group, the fund-raisers for the Tonto Village Fire District, as well as all the usual church functions that go on throughout the season. The residents wish to thank all the parishioners for their support in the community.

Vacation Bible school

This year's session of Vacation Bible School is in full swing. The kids get together at the chapel every morning at 9 a.m. The sessions last until noon each day until Friday.

On Friday evening, at 6 p.m., the parents will be invited to a special program put on by the kids to show their parents what they learned. A notice will be sent home with the kids to let the parents schedule that time to watch the program. The kids should be at the chapel by 5:30 p.m. There will also be refreshments. Please be there to support your children.

Tonto Village Fire District

The volunteer firefighters have been busy with fires from lightning strikes this past week in the Ellison Creek Summer Homes area and in the Myrtle Creek area and the La Cienega area, besides one medical call to Thompson Draw II. The firefighters wish to express their thanks to Ron and Lonnie Smith of Ellison Creek Summer Homes for their invaluable help in directing the firefighters to the fire and supplying them with water.

There will be a brush and pine needle pickup on July 19. Call the fire station at (928) 478-4875 and tell Kevin Martin your address. Please use your 9-1-1 address (the green one), not your lot number. You also must use that number for any emergency calls.

The next Fire Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 17, beginning at 6 p.m. at the station house. The meeting is always open to the public and your input is welcome.

The firefighter "mini-academy" is still ongoing. The next meeting will be at Gila County Community College for driver's training on emergency vehicles July 14 and 15 beginning at 8 a.m.

Birthdays, etc.

Tom Dunny, the manager of Camp Tontozona, will add another candle to his birthday cake on July 20.

Roy Tolby of Tonto Village III will celebrate his big day on July 22. Happy birthday to you both.

Pool shots

The Christopher Creek gals dominated the pool tables this past Tuesday evening, when the gals got together for a game of nine-ball.

Anna Rippy was the top winner, along with Stacy Foster and Patty Boeschling.

Joe Ferriera, Jessica and Sheri were the winners on Sunday afternoon when the pool tables were filled with eight-ball competitors.

Congratulations to all the winners.

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