What Ever Happened To Service At The Payson Post Office?



Is anyone else getting tired of the total lack of service in this country? Seems you have to be 40 years old to remember what service is all about.

Here is just an example of what we are all starting to see more than ever.

Back on Memorial Day someone started putting small sticks in the outgoing mailbox at Bonita Creek -- just some small twigs and pine needles, nothing life threatening to the carrier or damaging to the mail. But this was annoying to the hired postal route carrier. Annoying enough that she started writing threats on the box to whomever was doing it. A few days later, we received a letter from the Payson post office stating that we will no longer have outgoing mail service. We were told we had to bring our mail to Payson ourselves. The box was sealed a few days later.

Phone calls to the acting postmaster had little or no results since Memorial Day. When we explained we have disabled folks living up here who couldn't run to town just to mail a letter, the response was, "I'm sorry, that's not our problem."

When we explained that closing the box was against the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), we were told, "I'm sorry you feel that way." That seemed funny that he didn't think he had to follow the law. He just didn't care.

Several weeks ago, he finally said they would again open our outgoing service. This was after personal visits, public information requests and more phone calls requesting service.

When a 50-year resident of Bonita Creek called him to see why our box was still closed, he ended their conversation with, "It was your choice to live out there."

This is a far cry from the day this same lady received mail from a friend that was simply addressed with her name and Payson.

I would totally understand if there were dangerous items put in the boxes. But little sticks? Whatever happened to, "Through rain, sleet or snow, the mail will go through"?

Service. In the big city, it's just a dream. In Payson, it's a total nightmare.

Dave Kelley, Bonita Creek

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