What's Up?


Q: Is there anything the city can do about the appalling and dangerous condition of the floor of the Payson Senior Center?

A: A drainage problem is affecting the floor, and the town is working with a group of contractors and the Payson Public Works Department to determine a solution, said Ray LaHaye, Payson's chief building official.

"Our plan is to install a new floor over the floor that we currently have," LaHaye said. "We're working with Mayor Edwards to see what involvement by the town is needed and what the costs are going to be."

Q: Why is there still no cover over the stand at the rodeo grounds?

A: Voters turned down the $600,000 project in 2003, Payson Town Manager Fred Carpenter said.

"Their votes already turned it down once, so we are looking at other sources besides town funds," Carpenter said. "We're working on it with a developer right now."

Q: Is there any truth to the rumor that Waste Management is leaving town by year's end?

A: "Not that we're aware of," said Melodi Deaton, district manager of Waste Management. "We don't know anything about it. Whoever is starting it, we are not sure where they're getting their information."

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