A Few Questions About The Payson Water Task Force Chair



Who is this Lynn Godfrey? Well, let's see.

This is the guy that was recently quoted as saying there is no water problem.

This is the guy who said, after running the Tower Well for the next 8 months in an attempt to dry us up, that they will have actual data.

This is the guy that says the Tower Well was actually tested by pumping at 168 hours a week and "not a single well owner reported a problem, let alone going dry."

How does the average person sort through all this? Let's see if we can clear this up.

First: Anyone who believes that there is "no water problem" is either from another planet or their head is stuck in a place that the sun doesn't shine.

Second: The Town of Star Valley has 15 wells in its study. The data loggers in these wells collect data from each well once an hour, 24-7-365. So, folks, we can show you actual data.

The data shows static water level depletion of more than 30 feet in one area and more than 20 in others.

Third: Yes, the Tower Well was pumped at 168 hours per week. But that's not the whole story. During that pump test, two major differences must be noted.

#1: The water was not removed from the well area. It was pumped out of the well and dumped on the ground, which allowed for some recharge. #2: These pump flow tests were performed in the fall of 2004 into the winter of 2005. At that time, the Rim Country received approximately 35 inches of rain. Hardly a good barometer for projecting its use in a normal year, let alone a drought.

Lynn is the head of the Payson Mayor's Water Task Force. Lynn assembled three hydrologists and one businessman to sort through the water-related documents furnished by the Town of Payson. He told us that this is non-political and, whatever we concluded, he would take to the Payson Council and Mayor. On Dec. 5, 2006 the four of us met with Lynn at his home. Based on our findings, we informed him that the Town of Payson has been mining water for more than three years. In other words, Payson has not been practicing safe yield. On Dec. 7, 2006, Lynn told the council and mayor that the town was within safe yield.

When this goes to court, we will see who is backpedaling, because the truth will come out. The master of smoke and mirrors is Lynn and people should consider that when they read his crap.

Chris Benjamin, Chairman, Star Valley Water Task Group

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