Solar Hydrogen Economy Solves Several Problems



Thank you for publishing much of my letter on hydrogen. It is important, however, that I write another to complete what needs to be said.

Hydrogen is what we now burn out of oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, natural gas, coal and ethanol and exhaust noxious components into the air, thus costing billions of dollars in health care, to say nothing of human suffering.

The cure is the Solar Hydrogen Economy.

If we utilize the sun in desert areas of this country, we can produce enough power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen to supply the energy needs for Americans. Pure hydrogen is also safer than fuels used now, from which hydrogen is burned.

The U.S. spends $1 billion every other day on foreign fuel to supply our oil-based economy, when American-made hydrogen would save that money and provide more jobs here.

Want a big car, truck, or plane and drive or fly as often as you choose? Not a problem when using pure hydrogen. Air coming into the engine comes out cleaner, because the impurities are burned during hydrogen combustion. The exhaust is a little water vapor and a bit of nitrous oxide, due to the nitrogen in the air. Plus, the more you use hydrogen, the more you help the economy. It's a win-win proposition.

American fuel, American jobs, cleaner skies, the saving of $1 billion every other day now spent elsewhere on oil (and how many other billions spent to protect the sources of oil?), healthier climate and people and less human suffering -- the Solar Hydrogen Economy is a good thing.

Marcia J. Greenshields, Payson

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