Thankful For Payson Hospitality



I am writing this letter to share our recent experience in Payson. We had traveled from Snowflake to Phoenix to pick up our relatives at the airport, and were on our way home when our vehicle broke down. We were just about 13 miles south of Rye when our Bronco died, and were able to make it into Payson late Sunday night. We stayed at a local hotel, and set out Monday morning in search of help.

Our first stop was the Autozone, and the employees were very helpful but could not read the vehicle's computer. They suggested we try Big O Tire as an alternative, and gave us directions.

When we arrived at Big O Tire, they were extremely busy, but took the time to hear our story. Again, they were not able to repair our vehicle. The gentleman who was assisting us was trying to do so while the phone was ringing and more customers were walking in. He took the time to call a local repair shop, Southwest Automotive, and tell the owner about our situation. He then drew a map to show us where they were located, and told us to ask for Steve Miller.

We arrived at Southwest Automotive, and were immediately greeted by Mr. Miller. He had a very full schedule, and was fielding numerous phone calls while trying to diagnose our vehicle's problem. Mr. Miller went out of his way to take care of us, and was every bit as attentive to our problem, as he was to those who had scheduled an appointment for their repairs.

Our vehicle was fixed (surprisingly fast, considering the volume of cars there), and the customer service was excellent. Mr. Miller impressed us with his willingness to add us to an already busy day, and with the excellent service and extremely fair price for the repairs.

It is a rare occurrence anymore to find so many helpful and caring people, especially in one community. We just wanted to express our appreciation to all of the people involved in helping us to get back home, particularly Mr. Miller.

Payson should be grateful to have such a wonderful community. Thank you again for your help and hospitality.

Christa Ferdarko, Phoenix

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