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The Guardian Angel Program is a joint effort between police and fire departments. Volunteer receptionists assist in the police department's wellness check program. Mountain Respiratory Care and Preferred Home Care are prepared to service customers in the event of an emergency. Payson Regional Medical Center and RTA Hospice and Palliative Care stand ready to visit patients, if needed.

People who have been provided with a Guardian Angel necklace can call a family member or neighbor for assistance at the push of a button.


With electronic scooters becoming more affordable and available, more seniors with mobility limitations are finding new freedom. Ed DeBruyckre can be seen running around town on his scooter, as can a number of other residents.

Their home phone dials one of the three people they have listed as contacts and keeps dialing, until one of them is reached. At that point, the contact person can determine if 911 should be called, or if it is a simpler matter.

Contact the Payson Police Department at (928) 474-5177 for more information.

Electric scooters give independence and mobility to people who have difficulty walking. Just ask Ed DeBruyckre, who tools around town on his scooter.

"I go to the bowling alley and to doctors appointments on it," he said. "It makes it so handy for shopping around the corner at Safeway."

He has been in a couple of close calls with drivers rolling to a stop.

"You definitively have to be a defensive driver," he said.

New model scooters retail between $500 and $4,000, depending on the range, durability and options.

DeBruyckre said he has had good luck buying both of his scooters used. The first from a private party, then he traded up a couple years later, when he saw the Rick Hill from Pine County Outfitters was selling them.

Hill has mostly used scooters that range 15-25 miles, depending on the battery.

"When the used scooters go out, they are as good as new," Hill said.

Pine County Outfitters is located at 1113 N. Beeline Hwy., Payson, (928) 970-1052.

Customers of The Payson Shoe Store can step out of their shoes and on to "iStep by aetrex" machine for a blueprint of their feet.

The iStep is a digital foot scanner that identifies the customer's foot type and pressure points.

With this knowledge, Payson Shoe Store owner, Joe Hefner, can assist people to find the right shoe size and semi-custom orthotic insert.

For information, call the Payson Shoe Store at (928) 472-4395.

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