Creek Homeowners Raise $77k For Firebreak



On Tuesday, July 24, they will be painting the inside of the fire hall. If you can help out, wear something old and show up and help give it a new face-lift.

Fire danger is still extreme, even though we are getting some wonderful afternoon rains. That means no charcoal or any outside burning until further notice. Along with the rain comes the lightning, which we are getting a lot of. On Tuesday night, the lightning show was awesome.


These Christopher Creek residents have joined the yoga class at the fire hall. It is scheduled for every Monday and Wednesday at 9 a.m. I went down to see them and they said they feel great and it is a great way to limber up. Just show up and have some fun.

Please follow fire restrictions. Even though it looks like we had a lot of rain, the forest is bone-dry.

Gary Anderson, President of the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association, would like to thank everyone who made it possible to raise $77,000 to fund the cutting of the fuel break.

The fuel break committee that headed up the fund-raising effort was assembled by Jim Oliver, President of the C-K Fire Board.

Those that met from the other HOAs from April, May and June include CCHA: Karen Thornton, Judy Tolle and Gary Anderson; Hunter Creek: Karl Mann and Jarve Sellers; See Canyon: Jennifer Kiley; and The Brooks; Daniel Offidani.

Jack Kalmar treasurer for the Firebelles, did the work as treasurer, accountant and financial adviser for the fuel break funds. Phyllis Agnew, President of the Firebelles along with the committee coordinated the very successful fund-raising activities.

There were so many workers and volunteers from the community that it is too hard to name everyone. You know who you are and a big "thank you" goes out to all of you.

Gary said if you see someone who looks tired, tell them "thanks."

The response from local property owners was very generous and gratifying. In addition to each contribution, many homeowners, Christopher Creek businesses and Payson area businesses donated goods and services that were used in their hugely successful fund-raisers sponsored and organized by the Firebelles.

The Firebelles organization is an Auxiliary to the Christopher/Kohl's Fire District. One purpose of the organization is to raise funds to financially support continuing education for their medical and firefighter staff. Another goal is to enhance community participation and interaction through a wide range of activities. These include classes, bingo night, luncheons, ice cream socials, dominoes and game night. Phyllis Agnew is the president and you can contact her at (928) 478-0976 if you would like to be involved.

Last week's article about the Anvil Shoot, the pictures were taken by the one and only Dennis Hess, Christopher Creek photographer and owner of Interactive Concepts.

Dennis did such a great job on the pictures, I used his instead of my own, after all he caught the anvil in mid-air and he has a very nice camera. Thanks, Dennis.

Can you believe it's almost the end of July? Where in the world did this summer go? Pretty soon the kids will be going back to school. I must be getting old.

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