Exciting To See Daughter Rewarded For Her Hard Work



We are writing in regards to the article in the July 10 edition of the Payson Roundup about the drawing contest and the belt buckles won.

We have received several phone calls from friends and family who were a little confused by a quote in the article. We just wanted to clarify that Kelsea had commented to us that she was not finished with her picture and it wasn't quite done when we turned it in to meet the deadline (she had wanted to add a few things).

With that clarified, we are so thankful to the town and the Northern Gila County Historical Society for this opportunity, and congratulate everyone who submitted a drawing.

Kelsea has been drawing her little heart out for years and we are just tickled to see such an awesome result for her hard work and practice. It is very exiting to get to be involved in celebrating our town's 125th anniversary.

Alex and Leah Arendell, Payson

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