Globe Does Not Need A Bigger, Better Courthouse



Wait a minute. I just re-read the guest comment article by our County Supervisor Tommie Martin in the July 10 issue of the Payson Roundup. This part jumped out at me, and I quote, "A new Criminal Justice Center is recommended to be built on the Globe campus, with a total cost estimated to be at $7.75 million. The total estimated expenditures for the Globe campus would be right at $13.65 million." (This includes the Globe jail expansion.)

In plain English, as I understand it, Globe gets a whole new court facility? I guess the current modern three-story huge complex with large paneled court room(s), ample seating, two elevators, huge public parking lot, and miscellaneous other Gila County modern roomy offices, is not sufficient for their area community needs.

The Globe office of the County Probation Department has huge individual offices in a separate building -- many with their own bathrooms. How can it possibly be justified that Globe needs a new "justice facility" campus.

I have no problem with the Globe jail expansion and improvements. A "new court facility" in Globe is an outrageous request at this time. The need is here in northern Gila County for sure, for both new court and jail facilities. I smell a tit-for-tat political rat by the politicos wanting us all to pay for a new justice center (court facility) in Globe that is not needed, when compared to what we have in Payson. Go look for yourself in Globe and see their court Taj Mahal and tell me they need a new and bigger one. What a sneaky attempt by political hacks and bureaucrats to ask us to pay for a new Globe court facility that they can't justify. But because northern Gila County has been operating with a Pirates of the Caribbean jail and Mickey Mouse court facility they want us to fund a bigger and newer one for them.

Don Evans, Payson

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