Letter Did Not Address The Real Water Issue



LFR is claiming that, as a result of running the Tower Well for nine hours a week, "the Sky Run 1 well ... will run dry in eight months."

Lynn Godfrey wrote a letter to the editor suggesting that the central concern in forecasting of any type is how well actual events match predictions. He called it "credibility."

In other words, it really makes no difference how many Ph.D.s say it's going to be sunny, if, in fact, your picnic gets rained out.

Chris Benjamin responded to the letter on July 17 with "A few questions about the Payson water task force chair."

I was disappointed that in doing so, he failed to comment on the issues raised. Ergo, the "drying up" prophecy and the need to test the hypotheses.

Instead, the "response" can only be described as a long and rambling personal attack. Perhaps that is not the best way to resolve issues.

In an effort to closely monitor whatever impact the Tower Well may or may not have, I have personally requested copies of the raw monitoring data, as well as basic data to model wells being used by LFR, but have been refused.

Bob Edwards, Payson

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