Paper Is Losing A Good Person And A Friend


The Payson Roundup is losing a fine editor, a genuinely good person and a friend, when Autumn Phillips steps down this afternoon.

Autumn is leaving Payson to help start a daily newspaper in Winter Park, Colo.


Autumn Phillips

We can't fault her for making the career move, but we will sorely miss her editorial leadership, wit and friendship.

During her year and a half tenure, Autumn took on many daunting challenges, which she faced with courage and conviction.

Every decision she made, even when she knew the results might bring her grief, were made in the best interests of the Payson Roundup and its employees.

As our editor, she asked us to be fair and to not allow any bias we might have to creep in our stories.

Balance in our reporting was very important to Autumn and she never wavered from the conviction.

Autumn often reminded me of a high school football coach, trying to fit together the pieces needed for a winning team.

While encouraging responsibility, a strong work ethic, self-discipline and teamwork, she nurtured those who needed help and prodded others.

If Autumn's career choice had been athletics, she'd have been an outstanding coach.

She is also one of those rare leaders who has the ability to motivate people toward a common goal, without being a so-called "boss."

I don't think any of us on the editorial staff ever thought of her as that, but rather we considered her a leader.

Toxic bosses, of whom there are many, make the workplace very unpleasant. Autumn was the antithesis of those.

In fact, her enthusiasm and passion made the newspaper an enjoyable place to show up each morning.

There were also trying times, during which her convictions were sorely tested, but she stayed the course remaining true to herself, her friends, the town and the newspaper.

Autumn is to be commended for her ability to arrive in Payson as a first-time editor, and step right in to produce an award-winning newspaper.

Tonight, at a going-away party, we will say "goodbye" to Autumn.

Possibly the best way to say it is with a quote from Richard David Bach -- "Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again after a moment or lifetime is certain, for those who are friends."

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