Pro-Life Activists Can Be Proud Of Recent Legislative Session



Pro-life people can be thankful for several victories won recently in defense of the unborn. Our state Legislature ended its fifth longest session in Arizona history on June 20 and, in spite of a much slimmer margin of Republicans over Democrats, it was still possible for the Arizona Catholic Conference (ACC) to defeat two anti-life bills (HB2685 and S1470), which would have forced health care workers to provide or refer for abortifacients (i.e. "emergency contraception").

A new proposal (HB2229) mandating employer-funded insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization went down to a 0-8 defeat, after ACC's testimony against this morally problematic bill.

Also supported by ACC and successfully included in the state budget were $1.5 million for "abstinence until marriage" education and $500,000 for crisis pregnancy centers.

Unfortunately, the parental consent bill (HB2641) did not pass when several supporters were unable to be present to vote on the final night of the session.

Carol Suhr, Pine

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