Renovations Finished: Star Valley Upgrades Town Hall Digs


Star Valley town officials have a new home. Well, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., anyway.

Beginning Wednesday, the town began operating out of its new town hall building in front of the Star Vale Mobile Home Park on Highway 260.


Star Valley code enforcement officer Stephen Hackett uses his years of building experience to assemble a work station in the new town hall building. Town officials officially began operations out of the new building, which is in front of Star Vale Mobile Home Park, on Wednesday.

The new location underwent $25,000 of renovation, in order to become equipped to handle the town's business.

Among the enhancements, Town Manager Vito Tedeschi said, were new carpet, doors and windows. The building received an interior and exterior paint job. The electrical and lighting was upgraded, drywall was added and new work stations were set up.

"It was completely remodeled," Tedeschi said.

Town Clerk Sarah Luckie said that she preferred the new location because of its spaciousness.

"It's not so much camping out anymore," she quipped.

The new location will also feature a customer counter and has room for more offices, if new employees are hired in the future.

Currently, four work stations are in place, with Tedeschi's office in a separate room that also serves as a conference area and council offices.

"The most beneficial thing is, we all have space," Tedeschi said. "It's operationally designed to better serve the public."


Mayor Chuck Heron swings by the new digs to pick up his mail. "It is better situated to serve constituents," Heron said of the new building.

While the moving process had been in motion all week and some additions are still under construction, the major facets of operation are in place, Tedeschi said.

A moving company moved the big pieces of furniture and town employees transported some of their personal items, Tedeschi said.

"Everybody just sort of helped out," he said.

The town has a three-year lease with the owners of the building, Star Vale Park owners, Ray Lyons and Barbara Hartwell.

The town hall's previous location, the Star Valley Baptist Church, will still be the site of town council meetings. But the new town hall building will host all committee meetings, such as planning and zoning and streets and roads. Town officials had occupied space in the church since April 2006.

"We can't express enough gratitude to the church for allowing us to be there," Tedeschi said.

The new town hall building is located at 3632 E. Highway 260 in Star Valley. The telephone and fax numbers are the same, 472-7752 and 472-7795, respectively.

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