Retrofitted Fire Engine Is New To Station 61



This week has been busy for the Snyder family, our son, Bill Snyder, his wife Shari and my grandchildren, Brian, Gatlyn and Christian, are visiting us from Yuma. We have been showing them all the sights and we plan to take them to the Zane Grey cabin at Green Valley Park and up to Strawberry to see the School House. They have enjoyed the afternoon rains and the cooler temperatures. The forecast for Yuma today is 111 degrees.

The afternoon rains that we have been experiencing this week have been wonderful, but it has not been enough. According to Dara Sutton from Bear Flat, the measurable rain has been .94 inches so far.

Tonto Village has received almost .50 inches, according to Tonto Village resident, Rick Prach. The average rainfall for July is nearly three inches. We are still on the short side of rain. The fire danger is still high, so we all need to take all the precautions we can to alleviate the fire hazards in the forest. No campfires are allowed as yet, so pass the word on to everyone.

Tonto Village Fire District

The regular monthly meeting of the Fire Board was held July 17 at 6 p.m. at the fire station. The budget for the fiscal year 2007-08 was adopted by the board members and is retroactive from July 1, 2007. The biggest news is the arrival of our new (used) fire engine. The truck still needs to be retrofitted with some equipment, and when that is finished, it will be at our station #61 on Friday.

We have waited a long time to have this fine-looking engine. Training on the engine will start at the next session of the "Mini Academy" that will be held at the station this Saturday at 8 a.m. There will be one more training session for the volunteer firefighters after Saturday. The date is set for Aug. 4.

About a half-dozen of the firefighters have decided to attend Firefighter I and II at Gila Community College, starting in August. This is great news. I am looking forward to mentioning them when they complete the course.

There will also be four of the volunteer firefighters going to Fire School on Sept. 6 to 9.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

There are many birthdays for the last two weeks in July. Laura Tetzke, daughter of Elaine Tetzke of Tonto Village III, starts the week off with a birthday on July 25. On July 26, Dick Watson will turn 73. Dick and his wife Pat and their family were one of the first settlers of the Village. On July 27, Charlie Martin, of Tonto Village III, will add another candle to her birthday cake. Glen "Putsy" Shaw has his birthday on the last day of July, along with my oldest grandson, Jonathan Porter of Yuma.

Bear Flat has two birthdays to celebrate, and they are mother and daughter. Kim Dunmire has her big day on July 29, and her daughter Erica will turn 18 on July 19. Happy birthday to all of you.

Marilyn and Dick Lamb of Kohl's Ranch will reach a milestone on July 27, with their wedding anniversary of 50 years together. Marilyn is an avid Domino Diva and has spent much time in Tonto Village.

Chuck and Linda Stailey also have their 36th wedding anniversary on July 27. Chuck and Linda can also lay claim to be one of the first families in Tonto Village. They both are very community-minded and care about what happens to all the residents of the village. Happy anniversary to Marilyn and Dick and Chuck and Linda.

Pool shots

Anna Rippy, Kara Shaw and Judi Tolle were the top winners in the nine-ball tournament held on Tuesday evening at the Double D.

Can you guess who won the Sunday eight-ball tournament? Yep, Cliff Landrum has done it again. Cliff out-shot Joe Ferriera and Rick Woods for the top spot.

Congratulations to all the winners.

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