U.S. Census Bureau Disagrees With Gordon Metcalf



Erin Turner's July 3 article stating that the population of Payson grew by 9.60 percent was challenged in a letter to the editor by Gordon Metcalf on July 13.

He wrote, "The population figures were not accurate" and that growth must be measured by his own private method, using what he calls the "GCR."

The U.S. Government, in the form of the U. S. Census Bureau, which ought to know, disagrees. To measure population growth, they and everyone else, simply subtract past population from current population and divide the result by past population. Go to their Web site at www.factfinder.census.gov and you will find that:

a. The figures cited by Erin Turner are correct.

b. Neither the Census Bureau, nor anyone else I could find, having Googled the entire world, uses GCR or any other outlandish method.

If the U. S. government isn't good enough for you, you can go to several other reliable and accurate resources, including, but by no means limited to, these three:

1. Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce

2. www.bestplaces.net/city/ Payson_AZ

3. www.citytowninfo.com/ places/arizona/payson

Could it be that Metcalf's GCR is PMG* from the POB** who are now out of office and are angling for a return?

  • Politically Motivated Garbage.
  • * Payson Old Bunch.

Tom Garrett, Pine

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