Aug. 4 High School Reunion To Be First Of Many



Thank you so much for advertising the Payson High School Class of 1960-69 reunion. The response has been overwhelming.

In fact, it has been so good, that we have decided to make this an annual event and open it up to the entire high school. The other classes don't want to be left out and Payson is small enough that most of us know each other from work or recreation.

We are going to have a "Payson High School Reunion" the first Saturday in August every year. As long as people show up, there will be a reunion/picnic.

All classes are invited to attend, visit with old friends, make new ones and have a great day. We hope that the alumni will include past and present teachers and staff.

Once again, thank you so much for your contribution.

Please post this as the First Annual Payson High School Reunion.

Cherie Cloudt, Payson

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