Census Figures Under Scrutiny



I must answer Tom Garrett's letter, in Mail Call on July 20, which was very critical of the census figures I used in my July 13 letter.

Tom must have skipped over my first paragraph, which gave my source for the figures, Ray Erlandsen, of the Town of Payson Community Development Department. On July 5, Ray sent an e-mail to Erin Turner giving her the correct figures from 1990 to 2000, and estimated figures from 2001 to 2006.

If Tom disagrees with those figures, he should contact Ray Erlandsen. On July 10, I contacted Erin Turner, at the Payson Roundup, to ask her if she was going to write an article to give the correct figures sent to her by Ray. Her answer was no, the figures she used were close enough.

I then contacted Town Manager Fred Carpenter to obtain permission to write a letter to Mail Call, using Ray's figures. He agreed that the true growth of Payson must be published, as too many people feel that there is rapid and uncontrolled growth, instead of being among the slowest growing communities in Arizona.

The reason Tom could not Google GCR, is because compound growth rate is CGR. It is commonly used by towns and cities around the country when comparing unlike periods, such as a 10-year period with a 6-year period, by computing annual compound growth rates.

I don't know who put a burr under your saddle, Tom, because the attack on me regarding GCR, PMG, and POB is unfounded.

Are you starting Mayor Edwards 2008 political campaign now? If so, heaven help us when the campaign does start and we have to listen to this kind of garbage.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

Editor's Note: The figures in the story published July 3 were correct and were provided to the paper by U.S. Census Bureau sources. The information was released and correct, as of June 28.

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