Check Facts Before Expressing An Opinion



Other than possibly an improper cite of an Arizona Revised Statute, I could find no facts by Ms. Winandy (Newspaper should check its facts,uly 17 )o dispute what the Payson Roundup had publishedoncerning the water problems in Pine, Brooke Utilities, the proposed well site in Strawberry and the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement district. In her lengthy letter, Ms. Winandy goes to great lengths to claim that the Payson Roundup didn't check their facts.
As a part-time resident of Strawberry, I'm naturally quite interested in the water problems that plague the area. was quite disappointed not to find any facts from Ms. Winandy concerning the water issue.

It seems to me that if Ms. Winandy is going to dispute what the Payson Roundup wrote, she should be providing facts of her own. Instead, she has done what she was critical of the newspaper for supposedly doing -- expressing opinion without fact.

Bill Danielson, Scottsdale

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