Common Sense Lacking At Lakes



A lotta "cents" lacking at lake.

I've been going fishing at Woods Canyon Lake for several years. On a recent outing with my wife, I was discouraged by the amount of trash on the shoreline, carelessly discarded and left for the next person to look at, no doubt.

It took me no more than two minutes to pick up the trash. There was a metal Dumpster in a parking lot, less than 25 yards away from where the trash had been scattered.

Then, I noticed a sign on a bulletin board. It read: "Ranger Bob's talks and hikes canceled, due to lack of funds."

My question is, do we really need a ranger to tap us on our backs and remind us to dispose of our trash in the receptacles located a short distance from where we've been fishing?

Let's take responsibility for what we bring with us into the woods. At Woods Canyon Lake, a little bit of sense can go a long way, even though the actual "CENTS" are completely lacking.

Lawrence W. Carreau, Payson

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