Thanks For The Stories About Young People



My hubby and I moved to Payson in '94. Of course, we loved it and wanted to know as much as we could about Payson so we started the Payson Roundup.

So often when we would get it, I would think -- that Max Foster makes Payson such a neat place, I need to thank him -- but never called to get your address.
Your articles on the young people made me a faithful reader of your articles.

I'm 78 years old this month- don't go to the games -- know only a few of the youth you have featured, but I could recognize an encourager when I read one.

You have shown so much of your own heart in the different ones you feature and have kept up with so many of them, as they have left to pursue their careers.

For a young person to be shown respect and a sense that someone feels they are doing good and believes in them is such a builder for their lives. So I just thank you for your part in their lives.

My hubby is with the Lord now. But just a wee bit about us: We spent all of our 52-1/2 married years working with young people, many of them, with our home doors open day and night to the Luke AFB kids. God has given us the ability to recognize the tremendous potential in just about all of the many who came to us and hence it is a delight to us/me now, to see someone else pick up this vision.

So, thank you.

Aileen Dawson, Payson

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