Together, The City, Chamber And Predc Can Accomplish


The town council's expansion of the Main Street program into a department level position to help promote tourism and economic vitality has promise, but it needs to work hand in hand with already established tourism and economic development programs.

The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation have, for years, been promoting Payson and the surrounding area quite successfully. Let's face it, what is good for the greater Rim Country area is good for the area's biggest town and business center, Payson.

The chamber of commerce has been a strong force in this community's success in bringing more visitors and thus, more money into Payson. It could do more with a facility that could handle larger meeting groups or small conventions, but it is doing a good job right now.

The two existing groups have worked extensively with new and established business to develop ways to sell this community to visitors and prospective business.

The city's Main Street program is an important project all by itself and needs to be fleshed out to ensure its long-term success. Main Street programs are not easy to start, and even harder to bring to a successful termination. It takes years of work, money and effort and most importantly dedication by all those involved to keep a Main Street redevelopment project on track and on focus.

We hope whoever is selected to lead the town's new department will continue with the Main Street project. Using that project as a catalyst and working with the chamber and economic development folks would make good sense.

It is rewarding to see the town council take an interest in promoting tourism and business vitality within the city.

Having a town council that is committed to the success of a Main Street project, working with the chamber and regional economic corporation and the business community in general is critically important for the long-term economic success of Payson.

The town government has a vested interest in the success of tourism and business development. The more visitors Payson has increases the success of local businesses and puts major tax dollars into the Town of Payson's bank account, which in turn allows the town to perform needed services for residents.

It is one big circle, with each fueling the other; the Rim Country Chamber, Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation and the city working together are the keys to success.

The town council should ensure that the new department-level boss will not forget about the Main Street project and work hand in hand with the two established groups on tourism and economic vitality.

Each group must work successfully with each other, and not be a wildcard that detracts from the already established efforts or tries to eliminate the other groups from the process. There is too much at stake.

We hope there will not be multiple entities talking with potential businesses or fostering different economic development programs or working at cross-purposes on the same tourism project. This overlap could lead to confusion, possibly duplicating or interfering with efforts, and potentially wasting money.

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