College Media Class Looking For Students

Course offers introduction into print, video production


A class to introduce students to the basics of news and documentary production is being offered at the Payson Campus of Gila Community College this fall.

This class, called Introduction to Media and Communications, is designed to offer students a basic introduction to the various aspects of print and video production, and is being offered this fall at the Payson Campus of Gila Community College.


Introduction to Media students get down to the nuts and bolts of video production at Gila Community College's Payson Campus.

Instructor of the class, Bruce Lowell said that out of the 11 students who signed up for, and started the class in fall 2006, six completed the course.

A mock video news production session is on the class schedule for Feb. 27, to take place in the student lounge at the Payson Campus.

Lowell said the mock production will allow opportunities for students to become familiar with the practical aspects of behind-the-camera video/news production, as well as experiencing being in front of the camera, as announcers and newscasters.

Last year, Lowell was able to link the class up with other departments and classes at GCC, so students could get a broader introduction to the different aspects producing news and documentaries.

"Last year we teamed up with the business department to help students understand some of the logistics and costs associated with media production of news and documentaries, and we would like to be able to do that again this year." He said.

Lowell said he wants to try and expand print production capabilities this year. Also, "Last year we had no print production capabilities, this year I would like to include some of that, too."

There will also be opportunities for students to bring in guest speakers to speak to the class. "The more who come, the more students we can get interested and involved in media and its production as a career." Lowell said.

Most of what Lowell and his class did last year was audio/video production, as well as an introduction to the production of documentary films.

The class is scheduled to be held on Tuesdays from 6 to 8:50 p.m. Classes begin at Gila Community College on Aug. 20.

For more information on classes offered at GCC, call the Pueblo Campus in Globe at: 928.425.8481, the Payson Campus at: 928.468.8039, or the San Carlos Campus at: 928.475.5981.

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