Community Room Gets Face-Lift



Fourteen residents showed up bright and early Tuesday morning to give the community room at the fire hall a face-lift, and they did a great job.

Way to go Cameron Niskanen, Frankie Jo Marazza, Jean Clarkson, Linnea Niskanen, Josh Drews, Phyllis Agnew, Jordan Niskanen, John Pinnich, Pat Oliver, Drew Niskanen, Mike Millburn, Jack Kalmar, and Mac and Joan Grimes.

A very big thank you goes out to all of them, so if you see any of these residents please say thank you, especially to the young ones. I understand they were a really big help.

Instead of spending Tuesday doing fun things, they pitched in and did some wonderful community service.

Way to go!

It really looks nice even though some of them went home with a lot of paint on them. My daughter Frankie looked like she stepped in it. Thank goodness, it was washable.

July Monsoon

Well, we wanted rain, and we are really getting poured on, although I could have done without Tuesday night's lightning display.

I have a 140-pound golden retriever that is afraid of thunder and lightning. He thinks he is a lapdog. Needless to say, we did not get much sleep until the storm was over.

The good thing from all this rain is that the creeks are filling up and the forest is getting green.

The bad thing is with all the rain, comes all the weeds. I don't know about you, but I hate pulling weeds, and it is too wet to spray them.

How about this high humidity? Can you breathe? It is starting to feel like Pennsylvania here in Arizona. Now, that's a scary thought, being I left there some 30 years ago to come to a dryer climate.

Christopher Creek Birthdays

Christopher Creek residents celebrating a birthday in August include:

Aug. 3 - Jenny Cronk

Aug. 5 - Diane Ruman

Aug. 6 - Trisha Latus

Aug. 10 - Donna Wynn

Aug. 13 - Karen Thornton

Aug. 14 - Sandy Kalmar

Aug. 15 - Holly Purtee

Aug. 17 - James Turco

Aug. 19 - Red Armistead

Aug. 21 - Hazel Gourdoux

Aug. 23 - Susan Hepworth

Aug. 28 - Michael Olson and Paul Kovisto

Aug. 29 - Jarve Sellers and Penny Wells

Aug. 30 - Dave Ezzell

Wishing all of you a Happy Birthday.

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