Cowboy Brings Metaphors To Music


Andy Hersey is a singer-songwriter who likes to credit his audience with intelligence.

"I play genuine, uncontrived music. I am not trying to be like anyone else, There is no ego, but a bit of angst," Hersey said.


Andy Hersey

Hersey is more than a cowboy wannabe.

Just 14 years old when his father died, Hersey spent his inheritance on a pickup truck and became a farrier. He went from ranch to ranch, shoeing horses or riding the range.

Six years ago, he decided to hang up the horseshoes and go on the road to venues that would allow him to play only his original songs.

"I want to get the positive country message out. Some times it rocks a bit but I write songs that credit the audience with some intelligence," Hersey said.

"I let my mind go free. I never write as a commercial effort and I find recording studios sterile," he said.

His song, "Roughshod Range" was picked up for the screenplay "Showdown at Verity."

His voice is smooth and passionate with the pain of loss in "Man I Am Today," a lament for a lost love. The lost love was his wife, but they have since reconciled.

"My next album will be more positive. Now I need to write the happy ending," he said.

Hersey plays guitar, harmonica and sings with his three- to five-piece band. His ultimate goal is to make it as a songwriter.

He laments that while Texas venues boast of their local artists with neon signs, Arizona venues are much quieter with publicity.

It is a challenge to find venues that let Hersey and his band play all original music.

Friday, July 27, Kohl's Ranch Lodge will feature Hersey in the Zane Grey Saloon at 7 p.m.

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