Life Is Too Precious To Think About Suicide



I have been hearing about numerous people committing suicide, so I looked back to an article written on the matter and was very disturbed at how many people had taken their own lives in 2003.

My husband and I lost a dear friend that same year to suicide and I just wanted to share a poem that I wrote to him after he died; to give an idea of what suicide does to the people that it leaves behind:


Sorry to have not been there more,

To not have seen the signs,

To have spoke to you with anger or distrust,

To have let you cross the line.

Sorry I didn't listen to my instinct,

I didn't really understand,

I didn't do all I really needed to,

I couldn't see your plan.

Sorry your mind had slipped from your grasp,

You were so very sad,

You didn't see all the pain you would cause,

You couldn't appreciate all that you had.

Sorry your friends will miss you so,

Your son won't know his dad,

Your life just seemed so bad.

Sorry we couldn't have gotten you help,

Your mind was playing tricks,

But Dam you now, we'll never know,

If any of this could've been fixed.

To anyone thinking about suicide, life may seem hopeless. Maybe you feel like a burden to your family.

Maybe the events in your life are just too much to bear and you just can't take it anymore. Maybe you've lost someone you thought you could never live without. Or maybe you just think that no one would care anyway.

I guarantee that no matter who you are, someone would be devastated if you were gone. All I ask is that if you feel this way, talk to someone, anyone; a friend, a family member, a counselor, a neighbor, a church member, a cashier, anyone. Someone who will listen and care.

When you think there is no one, or no way out, there is. Please don't give up. Life is precious! If you can't do it for yourself, do it for the people you would be leaving behind.

Sarah Razzo

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