Mail Carrier Provided Extra Service To Patrons



I would like to respond to the opinion submitted by Dave Kelley (Bonita Creek) entitled "Whatever happened to service at the Payson Post Office?" which ran in the July 13, issue.

I am Joyce Switzer, the Independent Mail Contractor for Bonita Creek. I would like to clarify and state the facts concerning a few items regarding D. Kelley's opinion to the editor.

First, the incident regarding "someone putting small sticks in the outgoing mailbox on Memorial Day" actually covered a three consecutive mail day period (Friday, May 25, Saturday, May 26 and Tuesday, May 29). He commented "just some small twigs and pine needles, nothing life-threatening to the carrier or damaging to the mail." The actual fact is that on Friday and Saturday, the dried twigs and dried evergreen filled a plastic grocery bag, three-quarters full. On Tuesday, the dried pine needles almost filled the plastic bag completely.

He also commented "nothing damaging to the mail" when the actual fact is that I had to remove the dried stickers from the outgoing mail envelopes on Friday and Saturday before they could be processed.

Some of this mail was from NetFlix (DVD movies) and hopefully, the DVDs were not scratched.

As far as my "writing threats to whoever was doing it," I actually wrote only one response on the outgoing mail slot which included the words "you are only hurting your neighbors" and the dates of the vandalism. I know this, because I took photographs of the box filled with the above items, as well as the response I wrote on the mail slot.

Now, I will tell you that I am offended by D. Kelley's opinion of the mail service at Bonita Creek. I will gladly share with the readers and D. Kelley of the "extra service" that I have provided these past eight years to his community:

1) One of the residents is an octogenarian which I have called many times over the past eight years when a package would not fit into the parcel locker. I have even driven to his home many times and delivered his packages because of the snowy road conditions, as I did not want him to be out driving in the bad weather or just to save him a trip.

2) Another resident has been called many times for packages or mail that required a signature. This not only entailed their personal mail but also the community water company.

3) The Bonita Creek mail boxes were some of many that were broken into in December 2006. I called certain residents and let them know that now would be a good time to pursue moving the mailboxes and parcel lockers into the community. A few more persistent phone calls and discussions with the postmaster got the ball rolling on relocating the mailboxes. I agreed to drive an additional mile daily for the good of the community, so their mail would be safer.

So, D. Kelley, maybe you should speak to some of your neighbors regarding what actual "extra service" that I am and have provided for your community over the past eight years.

I do what I can for all my communities. I am not the bad guy here, maybe you should seek out the person who vandalized the mailboxes.

Joyce Switzer

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