Pine Fire Chief Not A Good Leader



This is concerning your article "Embattled Pine fire chief reinstated."

You either got this information from Rose Harper or Chief Dekker, both who see things from "Rose"-colored glasses.

I was a board member for over one year on the Pine Strawberry Fire Department. I left in June 2006 and moved to the Valley, because of my husband's job. During that year, Chief Dekker took two weeks paid vacation for a European cruise, another two weeks to visit his ailing mother out of state and another week to help his wife set up an apartment in Scottsdale for a job she took.

So far I have counted five weeks and I know there are more, I just am not sure of the circumstances involved.

The only reason Dekker wants to "re-prioritize" is because his contract is coming due in September and there is nothing like a good gravy train, he knows he blew it.

If the citizens of Pine and Strawberry knew half of what was going on they would be aghast.

Unfortunately the chief is not a good leader, but is great at being a bully.

The time has come for both Harper and Dekker to move on and get people in there who truly care about Pine Strawberry.

Sherry Machemer, Surprise, Ariz.

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